Giving Yourself More Positive Attention Is A Great Attitude To Have

Giving Yourself More Positive Attention Is A Great Attitude To Have

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and genuinely smiled at yourself? At your progress? At your kindness to yourself? If you find it hard to even think of one time where this happened, it might be that you need to have a little word with yourself. It can be worthwhile to check your ego from time to time (or the world will do it for us), and yet when we have zero self-esteem or no jokingly playful means of taking ourselves less seriously, we find a great hardening takes place.

Giving yourself more positive attention, then, is a great attitude to have. It lifts everything up. It helps you accept yourself, even if you aren’t perfect because no one can be. It helps you forgive yourself, which in turn helps you forgive others. It also gives you the necessary means of overcoming a bad situation, of seeing your worth or simply wishing to make more of your days. 

There’s no reason why you can’t make a good thing of this. So, let us help you to that end with the following advice:

Spend A Day With Yourself

When we think about heading out to experience something in the city, or relaxing at home, it’s not uncommon that our default is to invite someone. This is because spending time in company can be incredibly fun. Everyone knows that. But from time to time, taking yourself out can be a nice thing to do. You have to be your own friend sometimes. It needn’t be anything over-the-top such as booking a reservation for a solo candlelit dinner, although if you want to do that, feel free. Instead, spending a few hours in a spa, heading to an art gallery and lazily walking around or just spending some time walking around the city and shopping can help you spend time with yourself, and despite the busy surroundings, this will help you gain a sense of inner peace.

Treat Yourself

Treating yourself to something new can be a great means of gifting yourself without the need for a long and drawn out justification. Perhaps you book a summer holiday down under so you can wear those fashionable short shorts at reasonable rates you’ve had your eye on for some time. Maybe you’ve been eyeing up that phone upgrade, or maybe there’s just a gig in town that none of your friends are interested in. Giving yourself a gift just because can be a healthy thing to do from time to time.

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Write Down Your Thoughts

Write down all the things you are proud of yourself for achieving in the last year. If you can do this, you’ll feel much more comfortable in yourself, and you’ll realize just how far you have come. Often it can be hard to give yourself the credit you deserve, but making this an exercise can help you realize that actually, you’re not so bad, fearful, scared, aggressive or broken as you might have thought.

With this advice, you are sure to give yourself more positive attention, just as you deserve to.

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