Healthcare Checks You Can Do For Your Children

Essential Healthcare Checks You Can Do For Your Children

We all love our children dearly. There is probably nothing you wouldn’t do for them. So when they are poorly, you drop everything to take care of them and comfort them back to good health. But there are plenty of times when kids just don’t complain. They want to be getting on with playing and having fun. Even illness won’t slow them down! It’s at these times that few essential healthcare checks by you can help make sure they don’t become so ill they need to miss school.
School life is all about fun, friends, and a little bit of boisterousness from time to time. Kids get into scraps but pride will often stop them letting you know. Children can also inflict some pretty serious injuries on each other, though. If you spot any marks or bruising, chances are you’re going to ask questions and check them out. But some injuries won’t be spotted. Watch out for guarding. That’s when your child will hold himself protectively where it’s sore. Their posture or gait may change if they’re in pain too.

Essential Healthcare Checks You Can Do For Your Children

Most illnesses are accompanied by a high temperature. You can often see a change in color to their skin tone, and feel the heat on their forehead. Plenty of fluids and some paediatric paracetamol is often enough to get them through the day. But flu and other childhood illnesses require plenty of rest too. It’s difficult to fake illnesses but it’s impossible to hide a genuine condition that requires some time off school. 

Toothbrushing can feel like a twice daily battle. Kids hate it, and parents hate having to enforce it. Regular visits to the dentist can ensure that problems with brushing are corrected before decay sets in. You can usually find a local dentist that will take on an emergency case if pain is present. But it’s a good idea to do some checks at home too. Bad breath, difficulty chewing on both sides, and a reluctance to eat ice cream can all be signs decay or infection has set in. Book an appointment as soon as you can.

When your kids are having fun outside on their skateboards, scooters, or bicycles, accidents can happen. But if your children seem to be having more than usual, it may be a sign of a balance problem. Ear infections are a common cause of this. Poor coordination and muscle weakness can also create problems for growing children. Check how they’re walking to see if there are changes or problems. Speak to their doctor if you have any concerns.

Essential Healthcare Checks You Can Do For Your Children

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If your children are squinting at their homework or moving closer to the TV, this could be a sign their vision is impaired. Corrective eyewear is usually the solution. An appointment with an optician may verify this. Itching in the hairline can be a sign of head lice. This too is a common problem in childhood. Check to see if you can find any of the little pests or their eggs. A special comb can help.  A family treatment usually gets rid of the problem.

It’s not always easy to spot problems. Some kids are fiercely independent and don’t give you a chance. Why not have a weekly sit down and chat session to keep on top of your kids’ healthcare?  

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  • Thankyou for Sharing all these wonderful Tips! Your Childs Health and well being should be a #1 Priority! It was for me! I tried to stay on Top of it!

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