How does Insurance Work for Roof Replacement?

roof replacement

A house is among the most important assets that anyone can own. As much as every part of a house is essential, the functions of the roof are outstanding. Therefore in the event, your roof is damaged, you will need either a roof repair or replacement. If you have an insurance cover for roof damage, you must begin a follow-up to compensate for the extensive damage.

Establishing the extent of the damage

Insurance companies always prioritize transparency. Therefore, before you seek compensation for the damaged roof, you should first establish the extent of the damages. Working closely with an Indianapolis roofing company can help you to get an estimate of the damages on the roof. Most times, damages that look minor might be found to be major after roofing experts do an inspection. Where damages occasioned to the roof are beyond repair, it is always important to reach out to your insurer as fast as possible and lodge a claim.

Considerations to make before filing a claim for the replacement of the roof

Always consider the deductible to be made in the event the insurance company accepts your claim. If the repairs to be made cost less than the insurance company’s deductible, you might consider undertaking the repairs without the help of the insurance company. Insurance companies have limitations on the claims for the replacement of the roof that one can make. Claims with a huge amount of quotations on the damages incurred might seem suspicion leading to investigations.

Grounds for rejecting a claim

Acts of God are acceptable damage-causing agents when it comes to damages related to the roof. Therefore weather conditions like hail and high winds are acceptable causes of damage. However, some situations are preventable; for example, if a tree hanging towards your roof causes damages, the insurance company might reject your claim on the ground that such damages would have been avoided by cutting down the tree. Other damaging agents like molds, termites, and pipes that are faulty can lead to your claim’s rejection.

Therefore, it is crucial to hire a roofing expert to do a thorough assessment of the roof’s damage and establish the cause. Remember that an insurance company will always try to find loopholes in your claim that can justify your claim’s rejection. Therefore, you have a mandate to ensure that all due diligence on your part has been conducted by involving the right parties.

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Assessment of the damage

After lodging your claim, the insurance company is not going to accept a roof replacement claim blindly. Therefore they will have to send an assessor to establish whether the damages are correct and the extent of the damages. Therefore being well informed on the damages, their extent, and the required remedy, whether it is replacement or repair, is all to your advantage.

The type of insurance cover determines compensation

Before you even file a claim for replacement, you need to be aware that the deductibles’ payment is almost inevitable. Therefore, the determinant on the extent to which the insurance company will cater to the replacement is the type of insurance coverage you hold. The replacement cost value coverage factors in detail like the depreciation of the roof. Therefore when being compensated, the insurance company will cater to the replacement without the deductible. The actual cash value coverage happens to be disadvantageous to most homeowners; the insurance company will not factor in the depreciation. The money paid for the roof’s replacement is usually very minimal as the insurer deducts both depreciation value and deductibles.

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