How to Choose GPS Trackers for Seniors & Elderly

A range of technical solutions is available to us today to take care of our requirements in our daily lives. The safety of our elder family members is our great concern, especially when they are away from home. You also need to monitor your parents when working, and the elderly are left alone at home. People are seriously looking for an effective system to keep track of old family members from distant locations and get alerts in case of an emergency to take prompt action.

There are many reasons why elderly members require tracking, considering the safety aspects. Some of the most valid reasons are as follows:

  • Track the exact location of family members to get peace of mind
  • Remain in touch with family members and guide them as required
  • Ensure the safety of the old members while traveling with real-time location
  • The person can send an immediate alert to seek any help or assistance
  • Monitor the movement within a defined zone and get alerts for any deviation

GPS technology helps you monitor the whereabouts of your family members and can take suitable actions as and when required. The latest range of GPS tools ensures the safety and security of elderly persons by applying real-time tracking mechanisms. You can prioritize your safety purposes in the device configuration that takes care of your worries and efforts to ensure the safety of your family members.

How Do GPS Trackers Help?

The GPS-enabled devices can be attached to the accessories carried by the person to keep track of the real-time location and movements of the person. It can send alerts as per the requirement with complete location details. Some features also allow you to define a safe zone for the movements of elders and get an alert whenever they move beyond the specified boundary. The tracking devices also have SOS facilities to help users raise alarms in an emergency. The advanced GPS tracking devices are designed with features considering the needs of senior people and provide the solution to safeguard the aged family members from any risk or troubles.

The Features Required For Tracking Seniors

We always want to ensure the safety and well-being of elderly family members. We want to know about their location, activities, and whether they have faced any problem that needs immediate assistance. The GPS trackers work in sync with the mobile app through which you can monitor your elders all the time. The devices are also designed with intelligent alert features like panic buttons, fall detection, safety zone alerts, and many other features to help you ensure the safety of aged members. If they are traveling, you can track the routes and get an idea of any unusual movement or route deviation.

Elderly users can also activate the SOS button of the device in case of any emergency to notify others. GPS trackers have some primary features that make them suitable for tracking senior people. These features are as follows:

  • It helps track the real-time location of the person concerned.
  • It defines a safe zone with virtual boundaries and generates alerts whenever the person leaves this zone.
  • It allows the user to send alerts in emergencies and receive assistance.
  • It allows generating immediate alerts if the person carrying the tracker falls or has an accident.

How to Choose GPS Trackers For Elders?

Modern GPS tracking devices have multiple features that serve various purposes related to personal tracking. You need to look at the specific features and facilities provided by the device and analyze how it matches with the requirements of keeping your elder members safe by keeping a constant watch on them. The device must be compatible and convenient for seniors without creating any trouble. The features that you should consider while choosing a GPS tracking device for tracking your elderly family members are as follows:

Purpose of use

You have to be very clear about the specific purposes for which you are using the tracker and the benefits you expect to achieve. You want the GPS tracker to effectively support you to ensure the safety of elders by providing an efficient tracking solution. The tracker should help navigate the routes, generate alerts while crossing the specified boundaries or geofencing zones, or can track the location and movements.

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You need to decide the frequency at which you require the location updates and select the device accordingly. You have to be specific in your requirements to identify the best tracker with functionalities that meet your requirements. The tracking device must be compatible with the needs and lifestyles of your elderly members.

Distress or SOS Facility

One of the critical features to look for when selecting GPS trackers is the easy-to-use SOS or distress button that enables seniors to send alerts to the concerned person or authority. It helps to get immediate response and assistance in case of emergencies. The user can press the SOS or panic button to notify about the device’s present location, including directions. Some devices send inactive alerts when the device remains inactive for a long time which is beneficial in some cases.

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Device Design

The GPS device should be compact in design so that it can be easily attached to the accessories of senior persons or fixed with their dresses without any inconvenience. Some devices can also be used as wearable as wristbands or anklets. The device has to be durable, impact resistant, and waterproof to make it function properly even exposed to impact, water, or dust which is possible when used by aged persons.

The battery backup should be long enough to avoid the trouble of recharging frequently and can perform efficiently as required. The facility of low battery alerts also helps the user recharge the device on time.

Network Coverage

GPS tracking systems usually function through digital devices like mobile phones that depend on network coverage and speed. You must determine whether there are network issues in the areas where your recipient lives or travels. Accordingly, you select the GPS tracker that can support multiple network options and is robust enough to work with the weaker network coverage. The device must be compatible with different models of digital devices to provide convenient data access and ease of operation.


The primary purpose of a GPS tracker is to track the precise location of the person carrying the device. It also allows creating signals and notifying in case of emergencies that need immediate support. You must choose a tracking device that sends instant alerts as it crosses a safe zone, moves beyond its predefined routes, or meets an accident, which is crucial for elders. Get a tracking device for your loving seniors that offer the best security, performance, and reliability along with intelligent updates to ensure the safety and well-being of your elder family members.

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