How to Deal with Worry in Tense Times in Life

Deal with Worry

Life can be tough sometimes. Conflicts can occur within your family, friends, work or a combination. It can be challenging to deal with these stressors in a tactful way, especially if you have responsibilities that need your attention. 

It may be hard not to worry in stressful times about how the future will turn out, especially when things feel uncertain. Though it’s incredibly important to recognize your feelings, there are also ways you can lessen the emotional load in your daily life. 

Communicate How You Feel

One of the most damaging things that you can do when you’re feeling worried is to bottle up your emotions. Though some people feel afraid to open up about these kinds of feelings because they’re afraid of being a burden, it can actually bring you closer to the people in your life. You may find that they’re experiencing similar emotions, and in turn, feel less isolated. 

In addition, many of the issues that we worry about can be helped with another loving hand. Though you may want to take on the world on your own, it’s perfectly okay to reach out for help in tough times. 

Take Time For Yourself

Sometimes when you’re worried, you may find yourself struggling to take moments to practice self-care. With so much going on in life on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to carve out time in your schedule to rest, recharge and reflect. For some people this could be a nice warm bubble bath with a glass of wine, and others a twenty minute nap after a long day of running around. 

Whatever it is that you like to do to recharge, it’s in your best interest to really make time for it. Do your best to not judge yourself for taking a moment to do something enjoyable. When you’re less stressed, your body and mind will be better able to handle tense situations and conflict. If you go into a particular circumstance with a heightened sense of emotion, it can actually make things more stressful in the long run.  

Psychologists agree that taking moments to yourself can increase productivity, lessen anxious thoughts, and make you better able to tackle things that come your way. 

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Accept Change

Change is inevitable. No matter how hard we may try to make something happen in the way that we want it to, things can turn out differently than we may have expected. One of the greatest ways to reduce worry is to attempt to accept that some things are out of your control. At the end of the day, you’re human. I promise you you’re not alone in feeling worry when life is stressful, and it’s important to be kind to yourself. 

One great way to take strides toward this is to speak to a therapist, either online or in-person, while you’re going through a tense time in your life. They can help you process your current situation, and also provide you with critical skills to prevent the worry sneaking up on you. 

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