How to Give Your Home the Wow Factor

How to Give Your Home the Wow Factor

Have you ever looked through interior design magazines or Pinterest for home inspiration and found yourself drooling over the incredible décor on display? You were probably impressed with the results achieved on these decorating projects but thought that it would be impossible to recreate them yourself.

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful home, but creating a home that looks like it’s fresh from an interior design magazine may seem a little out of reach. However, you can create a stylish home that has that wow factor that you see in the pages of glossy magazines. 

Creating the wow factor in your home is all about introducing features that make people stop in their tracks to admire them. 

If you are planning to treat your home to a luxury makeover, you will need to add a definite wow factor to achieve the desired effect. Here is how you can transform your home into a seriously stylish place to live:

Statement Walls

Feature walls have long been a popular way to introduce a focal point to rooms. Usually, feature walls are created using a paint color that contrasts with the rest of the room, or a bold, patterned wallpaper. These are excellent ways to create a statement, but if you want to create a strong wow factor, you will need to go a step further. To make a real impact, 3D Wall Panels are the ultimate feature for your room. Applying wall panels will create a high-quality look that cannot be achieved with wallpaper or paint alone. These are the kinds of panels that you see adorning the walls of upmarket boutique hotels, so using them at home is the perfect way to create a super-stylish look for your home.

Lavish Lighting

If you speak to an interior designer, they will tell you that lighting is a crucial but often overlooked feature in a room. Finding the right light for your room is vital for creating the look you want, as a dusty old lampshade certainly won’t bring any wow factor! 

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There are lots of lighting choices available to help illuminate your room perfectly, while also looking stylish. For a truly opulent look, you could opt for a chandelier style light fitting. The ornate beauty of a chandelier cannot help but make a statement. Alternatively, a glamorous crystal pendant light fitting will also be a talking point for your guests.

Eye-Catching Accessories

Just as adding accessories to your outfit completes your look, the same applies when you are decorating your home. Home accessories are often seen as the finishing touches for a décor scheme, and something that you shop for once the rest of the room is complete. However, if you want to create a wow factor, your accessories can be an integral part of the room. Selecting statement pieces for your home will enable you to create a style that is uniquely yours. This could be an oversized mirror with an intricately detailed frame or an eye-catching piece of artwork. 

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