Moving Into Your Dream Home Might be Easier Than You Think

dream house

For many people, one of the stranger aspects of the Coronavirus Pandemic has been getting a peek inside other people’s houses. Whether you have had a chance to stare at the offices, dens and living rooms of your colleagues during long Zoom calls or have seen any of the numerous quarantine videos celebrities have shot of themselves at home during lockdown, the past months have provided many people with a tantalizing vision of what a house can be. 

If you’ve felt a twinge of envy at some of the sumptuous interiors you’ve seen, you’re not alone — one thing these videos have done is drive home just how much better celebrities seem to have it. But what if you could enjoy a little bit of luxury yourself? What would your dream home look like? 

The Growing Market for Custom Houses

When buying a new house, people want a place with more character and personality, and they want it built to fit their own requirements. They want to be able to move in without having to worry about weeks or months of renovations, updating the kitchen or putting in new windows. Just as many empty nesters want to live in a community that matches their lifestyle, so, too, do they want every part of their house to reflect their values and tastes.  

This means that those who are moving into a newly developed adult lifestyle community might have an easier time customizing their homes than they might immediately think. If you’ve been planning a move, this could be the perfect way to have your own extraordinary dream home built. 

Custom house

A Custom House is a Reflection of your Person Style

Everyone has their own tastes — some love simple, clean minimalism with lots of white space and light, some prefer a more classic style, with architectural flourishes, crown molding, and a touch of old-world charm, and there are also those who like a more rustic, hunting-lodge atmosphere with lots of rich woods and carved stone. 

Whatever your preferences might be, a custom home should be the kind of space you can walk into and immediately feel comfortable in, right down to the style and size of doors, cabinets, and closet space. A custom builder like Blythwood Homes will generally be able to offer a wide range of customization options, including:

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  • Customizable layouts
  • Fixtures and materials that match your personal sense of style
  • Custom sizing for showers, closets, etc.
  • Your choice of doors, windows, and trim

This means that those who don’t want to be hostage to the trends of each passing year may find that a custom home is the perfect way to ensure one’s domicile is a true reflection of their taste, style, and personality.  

And with custom homes becoming increasingly common in many adult lifestyle communities, it is easier than ever before to make your own dream home a reality. 

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