My Interview with Papi & Chloe from Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 #BHC3



My Interview with Papi & Chloe from Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 #BHC3

Have you ever had questions for a few of your favorite stars? After I left Pasadena, while on the plane , I had a few questions for Papi & Chloe. Luckily they had time, in their busy schedule to answer them!


Question 1. Did it bother you when others wouldn’t refer to Chloe with your last name? and her (maiden name instead). As I noticed you corrected them but mostly she didn’t. How did that make you feel?

Answer 1.   Chloe’s maiden name is part of who she is, part of what makes her so special.  But I’m a proud Chihuahua, and even prouder of my family. With a wife like Chloe, sometimes I just want to bark it from the rooftops that the most special dog in the world is also Mrs. Cortez!

Question 2. How did you feel when Chloe put the puppies into the ‘non-homeschooling’ atmosphere?  I could see you were sad butwhat came to mind for you when she did that?

Chloe: Let me jump in! If you ever wonder what kind of trouble your kids might getinto at school, all you need to do is think of all the things you did when you were their age.  One look down Papi’s memory lane, and I was ready to put them on the shortest leashes I could find!

Question 3. How did you not laugh when you were in the scene and they were choosing what band was going to play at your event?

Answer 3: Laugh?  I tried not to cry!  Did you see some of those jokers? Dios mio!


Question 1. Do all the clothes you have to wear make you feel itchy? 

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Answer 1. The costume designers did an amazing job of making all my outfits fur friendly- so mostly, they just made me feel glamorous! 

Question 2. When you aren’t on the movie set, do you sleep in your own bed? or with your owner/trainer? 

Answer 2. My human is my trainer, so even when I’m on set I get to sleep in bed with my family. 



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