Roman Meal: A Healthy Choice for Generations

Roman Meal: A Healthy Choice for Generations

Roman Meal: A Healthy Choice for Generations

Roman Meal: A Healthy Choice for Generations

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Roman Meal. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”


Roman Meal is a name that I can remember as far back as when I was a small child.  As a kid I didn’t care for wheat bread, as it always seemed dry and without much taste. Then I was at a grandparents or aunt’s house and that was all they had for a sandwich. That was the first time I tried Roman Meal and it proved to me everything I thought about wheat bread was incorrect.


When I was offered to by Mom Central Consulting to review Roman Meal, I was excited to know I was going to review a brand I believe in.
About Roman Meal
  • Roman Meal not only has many products, it has been around for generations.
  • Baked fresh and locally, partners with over 90 regional bakeries, you will never have to worry about the bread being stale or shipped frozen.
  • Roman Meal whole grain bread is made from a sweet and soft whole grain blend of
    whole wheat, whole rye, wheat bran, wheat germ and flaxmeal, with hints of honey
    and molasses.

Roman Meal Recipes

  • Roman Meal offers dozens of tasty and healthy whole grain recipes the entire family will  love. The recipes listed below are some I thought sounded delicious. You can see the full list here, and let me know what sounds delicous to you!

 Cuban-style Grilled Turkey Sandwich
Strawberry Ricotta Stuffed Whole Grain French Toast
Whole Grain Apple & Herb Stuffing
 Raspberry Hazelnut Truffle Toast Bites

Whole Grains & Health

One serving of Roman Meal bread (2 slices) has 21 grams of whole grains – more than 40% of the recommended daily value of whole grains.** **The USDA recommends 48 grams of whole grains each day.  Whole grains help with weight management and help with digestion.   Roman Meal is also a great source of vitamin D and fiber as well as an awesome source of calcium. Can you imagine getting all of these advantages with any other bread? No, neither do I. Then to top it all off studies are showing that your whole grain intake may possibly reduce the risk of having heart disease!

About Roman Meal–The Company

If you wonder who exactly was the first company to offer whole grain bread?  You probably wouldn’t be surprised that Roman Meal was one of the first ones.  Family owned and operated since 1912, gives you an idea of the quality and long standing loyalty of the family. Roman Meal has been a favorite whole grain bread for generations; which isn’t surprising after reading all of the other information on their brand.


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From  Roman Meal


  •  Roman Meal Baked Fresh Sweepstakes

· September 2-30 at
· Grand prize = $2,500; several others will win free bread coupons.
·Get a $1 off coupon when you enter the sweepstakes
·Whole Grains Month is September 1st- 30th , 2014, Theme: “Make the Switch.” Use delicious whole grain
recipes to incorporate more whole grains in your diet!

In conclusion, Roman Meal is more than just wheat bread, it is a healthy alternative to breads in your bread aisle.  I really enjoyed my Egg Salad Sandwich above, my recipe (although simple) tasted awesome between 2 tasty pieces of Roman Meal! Get yours today.

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