Sustainable Summer Fashion Through Minimalism

Sustainable Summer Fashion Through Minimalism

What is sustainable fashion? 

It’s a movement that seeks to steer the fashion industry towards ecological integrity. 

Fashion has taken a u-turn ever since we realized that the world is burning with our fashion choices, not metaphorically but literally. Hot Girl summer has a new meaning now and the planet is getting hotter to the extent of being unlivable by the next century. However, there are still ways in which you could stay stylish without compromising on the temperature of the planet. You can always put on your  accessories brands like Messyweekend Sunglasses (more on that later).

Lucky for you we have a very easy-to-do list of ways to be sustainable and fashionable this summer, you finally don’t have to decide between choosing the planet or your favorite brand. We have all the answers for you. 

Accessorise with Sustainable Brands

Brands like that have a very carefully curated catalog of fashionable accessories that don’t harm the planet are climate-conscious and picking them over fast fashion really makes the difference in the long run.


This simply means going to social media and finding stores and buying vintage clothes from a catalog of uncycled or thrift-ed items. Gen Z and Millennials are quite into this. Social media has plenty of such stores. What it essentially does is that instead of big brands these small recycled clothes that are also quite old are bought by the customer. Preferring thrift stores over big brands is better for the environment. Since thrift stores is a way of recycling clothes and big brands are guilty of numerous problematic things such as- 

  • 20% of the world’s wastewater comes from the garment industry
  • A big chunk of Carbon emissions is due to the fashion industry’s 
  • The fashion Industry wastes water 
  • Most clothes are not biodegradable
  • Some brands don’t pay their worker’s fair wages 

This list is just the tip of the iceberg 

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Less can be more 

The phrase “Less is more” originates from minimalist architecture but was popularized by Coco Chanel, paving the way for a classy aesthetic in fashion. Minimalism is a very distinctly fabulous concept, Summer-Autumn fashion is all about airy and windy dresses, it’s a colorful season but the focus is on comfort. The less we accessorize it the more relevant it is in terms of fashion. By making this choice you also chose to be kinder to the environment since it curbs the waste. How to incorporate minimalism- 

  • Keep it simple- You don’t need those extra accessories
  • Bare Minimum- It’s not lazy it’s smart and it’s good for the environment
  • Stick to classics- Figure out your style and stick to it 
  • Repeating Clothes- It’s not a sin, do it more.

Give up Unsustainable Brands –  There are a lot of brands that don’t take responsibility for the environment. Giving up these brands and picking the ones that show the promise of prioritizing the planet over profit would do long-term good. There are brands that are 100% biodegradable and understand that with big powers comes big responsibility.


There are things you can do in your own capacity to keep a check if you are being a responsible consumer of fashion. Check the brand background before buying, there are always alternatives. The carbon emissions and water waste aside, the garment industry also exploits the labor of third-world countries. It’s very important to know the background history and the existing stance of your favorite brands on sustainability. Responsible fashion choices have a long-term impact on the social-economic aspect of the communities we live in. Choosing to dump the toxic habits that we have known in terms of fashion to make the planet a more livable place is not just necessary but also eminent so Shop responsibly and plant more.

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