The Most Stressful Time Of The Year? Buying A Gift For Your Partner When You Have Little Money

The Most Stressful Time Of The Year? Buying A Gift For Your Partner When You Have Little Money

As nice as it is to get your loved one something lovely for Christmas or their birthday, if there have been major expenses recently, you might very well think that getting anything of worth is not on the cards! When you haven’t got much money, it can be a bit underwhelming to buy them something little, purely for the fact that they have something to open on their birthday or Christmas Day. But what can we do to ensure that we give our partner a gift that means something but without spending too much money? Is it even possible?

The Benefit Of Monthly Installments

When it is something that seems incredibly expensive, it’s always worth checking if there are options to pay in monthly installments. There are as many used luxury watches with financing options, as there are televisions, computers, and all of those big purchases, it’s certainly worth checking out. Of course, you need to do the math and see if it’s feasible. But when we start to look at buying a massive gift for a loved one, and we don’t think we have the money, monthly installments is the perfect go-between.

Focus On Sentimentality

If you measure the gifts you buy for your loved one based on their price tag, you may very well be missing a trick! Rather than focusing on the digits or the size of the present, go for something that will mean a lot to them. Sentimentality can take many forms. Get creative! Perhaps something like a photo album of the children can bring back so many memories. It’s a perfect way to give your partner something nice but still stay within your budget. Something sentimental is all about the memories attached to it, and this means that you can personalize it more. Sure, a widescreen TV is great, but it doesn’t have that personal touch, does it?

Make Something

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A lot of us can feel that buying a big, impersonal gift is more important than making something. Maybe we don’t have the crafty skills. But there are plenty of online stores that provide personalized, handcrafted gifts, and they are not too expensive! Even better, if you’ve got a friend that can do something for you, and you can put some money their way, why don’t you take advantage of this? Making something is wonderfully personal, but it’s about ensuring that it’s not too shoddy. When you create an item, especially if you don’t have the skills, maybe you will need to think of a better way around this. Making something is great in theory, but it could look very underwhelming in practice!

Get An Experience

An experience is something more than a gift, and it also gives you the opportunity to save up over a longer period of time. Perhaps you can provide them with a voucher for a day out, or an IOU for something like a massage. These opportunities that have a personal touch don’t cost that much money when you have the chance to save up for them. An experience is far better than getting an impersonal gift anyway! An experience is something you can tailor to their needs.

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