Gaming Has Become a Social Lifeline: Top 10 Games to Fill Time During a Pandemic

Gaming Has Become a Social Lifeline: Top 10 Games to Fill Time During a Pandemic

The rest of the world is just beginning to understand something that gamers have long known: there is a community connection on the other side of the screen. Even sitting alone for hours, they are not necessarily isolated. In many cases, they are far from it. 

With the rise of social networks, gamers (especially zoomers) have perfected the art of creating communities in and around video games. Gamers not only compete with strangers on the Internet but make true, lasting friendships.

In this age of social distancing and mental health pressures, gamers have long had a tool that now brings some relief to those who have never taken a joystick to their hands before. The explosive growth of gaming during the pandemic has shown that many have found a new way out for the much-needed connection in isolation. 

In regard to this, check out the top 10 games of our choice you can play in order to fill in the time during a Covid-19 pandemic. If that is your thing, you can watch other play video games online and bet some of them using various options to deposit and withdraw funds. To learn more, check out the list of EcoPayz betting sites.


One of the games that literally has no limits is Terraria. It provides hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of content so it can employ you nicely at this time. The game is similar to Minecraft, which is on this list as well but there are some differences that will appeal to everyone. 

Combining elements of classic action games with sandbox mechanics of digging, fighting, and building brings a great experience to everyone, regardless of taste. What is also tempting is that Terraria works on much older systems without any problems.

Don’t Starve Together

The game is gloomy (it has nothing to do with the current situation) but it can help you see what your friends are like in critical situations. 

The point of the game is to survive in the post-apocalyptic world as long as possible, and you will do that by gathering the resources needed for fire, storing food, and crafting weapons to defend yourself from danger.

They Are Billions

If you are in the mood for some real-time strategy with elements of survival, They Are Billions is a great title for you. The task is to build a colony that must be strong enough to survive the onslaught of billions of zombies. There is a campaign with 48 levels and 60 hours of content at your disposal, while a real temptation awaits you with Survival mode in which everything is completely randomly generated. 

They Are Billions is quite contagious but it also brings frustration to the players so you need strong nerves to survive.


Perfect for killing boredom, especially with younger players. Participants explore the cubic world and collect materials to create equipment, build structures, and survive as long as possible in their created worlds. 

Minecraft gives huge freedom to players in performing actions and is available on a large number of platforms.

Civilization (Any)

When it comes to the Civilization series, we will not focus on any of the titles specifically but you can choose which one you will play. Whether it is the fifth, sixth, or any other part – fun is guaranteed, and now you have a bunch of time at your disposal to take humanity in the right (or wrong) direction. 

“Just one more level” excuse to continue playing will not have such fatal consequences for you now compared to before the introduction of lockdown.

TES V: Skyrim

Maybe this is a no-brainer for many when it comes to choosing games to play during isolation but it does not hurt to mention it anyway. The cult Skyrim of The Elder Scrolls V takes you into an amazing world and puts you in the role of Dragonborn on a mission to defeat Alduin, the dragon that aims to conquer the world. The game features a massive open world, with dynamic Skyrim residents and a bunch of side missions that will keep you in front of the screen for hours. 

Having the number VI at the disposal would come in handy to all of us more than ever but, fortunately, there are mods that bring more content and a generally better experience than the original itself.

Persona 5

You may not be able to travel now but the virtual world can take you practically anywhere. With Persona 5, you go to modern Japan, where you follow a group of teenagers who, in addition to enjoying a normal life, spend time fighting to save the world. 

The game is extremely rich in content and has a great story, and for those who have already gone all the way in the original, a Royal version that brings more content was recently released.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Whether you plan to spend a few days or a longer period in isolation, you will definitely get bored and your brain will ask you to take action. Perhaps it is best to fight this urge with the best achievement of CD PROJECT RED so far – Witcher 3. 

As Geralt, you will embark on an epic adventure of finding Ciri, and, along the way, you will meet various elements of Slavic mythology and a bunch of unique characters, which will be a solid replacement to stay in the real world.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Here is a treat for all those who own a Nintendo Switch. Breath of the Wild appeared in the early days of this portable console but it is still one of the better games. The new Legend of Zelda is quite different from the previous ones in the series, and that for the better, putting an incredible adventure in front of the players, full of the quest, flying, fighting, and discovering.

For all Switch enthusiasts, there is a huge offer of other games, such as Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and many others that you will have fun with by yourself or with friends.


If by any chance you are tired of all, literally all, games, then why not create your own? The recently released game Dreams gives you the chance to create your own world from scratch, and it is not necessary to know programming languages. Dreams is only available for PS4 consoles but the controls are quite easy and fit the type of gaming on this console. 

If by any chance you do not like to create your own, then feel free to jump into the ‘dreams’ of other players, of which there are thousands and thousands, and they are constantly growing.

The Division 2

The Division 2 takes players into the somewhat gloomy world of the United States, hit by a deadly virus. Players take on the role of a Division agent, having the task of fighting the consequences of the virus, such as anarchists who want the chaos to survive. The no.2 takes you to Washington, which is realistically portrayed just as in the real world and brings a huge territory for exploration, which is also full of dangers, whether you are on the surface or underground. 

The game has a lot of content and an interesting story, and Ubisoft regularly adds novelties so you will always find something interesting in it.

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