Top Tech Items to Have for The Summer Months and Beyond

Top Tech Items to Have for The Summer Months and Beyond

Disclosure:  I received the Lenovo Smart Clock in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

This summer is all about the top tech items you will want to make sure are in your arsenal to keep your summer going smoothly.  The three top tech items I would like to mention to you are the OwlCam, The Lenovo IdeaPad, and the Lenovo Smart Clock. You are going to want all three of these by the time I am done.

Top Tech Items for Summer of 2019

The OwlCam

The OwlCam

  • Crashes: You’ve got the video on your phone right away, so you can tell your side of the story.
  • Dents: Instant Video Alerts for impacts, so you know what ding happened when. Don’t you hate it when you come back from shopping and there it is? A huge dent or a long scratch? Now you can see what happened with the OwlCam.
  • Stops: Just say the words and Owlcam keeps recording, which tends to keep everyone on their best behavior.
  • Break-ins: The blinking green beacon says to keep away because being caught on Owlcam means caught by the police.
  • 911:  If you are in an accident or broken down you can call 911 included with your subscription to the Owlcam 4G LTE Service. Available on both iOS and Android.

So if you find you are in the market for a dashcam check out the OwlCam here.

Lenovo IdeaPad S540-14 inch Datasheet
Lenovo IdeaPad S540-14 inch Datasheet

Lenovo IdeaPad

While you are on the go this summer whether it be traveling or vacation time, sometimes it helps to bring along a little tech entertainment for the trip.  This is where the Lenovo IdeaPad comes into play.

You can pick the New Lenovo™ IdeaPad™ Laptop that’s right for you.  The Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop has Windows® 10 without a hefty price tag, the new Lenovo IdeaPad 330, 330S and 530S series offer something to fit your needs.

This Lenovo product comes in your choice of 5 different colors and you can learn more about the different models and prices on their website here.

Last but definitely not least we have the Lenovo Smart Clock.

Lenovo Smart Clock

The Lenovo SmartClock comes with Google Assistant so you will never miss anything! I was very excited when I was sent the Lenovo Smart Clock.  As I probably have mentioned before we lost our home to a house fire in early October 2018.  Since we lost everything I was happy to receive the Lenovo SmartClock to replace what we had.

Top Tech Items to Have for The Summer Months and BeyondAbout the Smart Clock

As a convenient smart home device, the Lenovo Smart Clock supports voice and touch controls on a low-key 4-inch IPS screen to perform tasks that are regularly carried out before and after sleep. With its compact size built for sitting on nightstands, the Lenovo Smart Clock blends into your bedroom decor, with a full fabric soft-touch cover and a touch screen.  This is the nicest alarm clock I have had when it comes to look and feel.  Dare I say fancy….

It has a full smart speaker inside, which gives way to great audio outside

Research also shows that ambient noise, relaxing music or guided sleep meditation can help promote more restful sleep4—which is why we paid extra attention to speaker quality in the Lenovo Smart Clock. Ask the Google Assistant to play some relaxing music or guided meditation, and the Lenovo Smart Clock will play it clear and clean.

Although it is small, it is mighty—the Lenovo Smart Clock hides a full-range 6W speaker and two passive radiators that can fill up a large bedroom, tuned with the latest background noise reduction technology for enhanced radio listening. You can also enjoy its multi-room functionality.  You can also add the Lenovo Smart Clock to your home speaker group and play music, audiobooks, podcasts, and radio across multiple devices in several rooms. Since it also works with ChromecastTM,  you can enjoy shows and music on your TV or speakers with just your voice.

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Once you customize your morning alarm it will then automatically start a morning routine, telling you about today’s weather, your personal agenda, and reminders, as well as displaying your commute to work. Whatever your choice of sound, music or ringtones to wake up to,  all you have to do is tough the Lenovo Smart Clock to snooze or dismiss the alarm.

Even better you can now have another convenient and affordable hub from which to control your home. Set the Lenovo Smart Clock when you wake up to automatically turn on your coffee maker in the kitchen or heater in the living room. You can also check your front door security camera and the kids’ room from your bed.

You will find that the Lenovo Smart Clock connects seamlessly with every smart device in your home, supporting over 10,000 products and 1,000 partners and brands.  How much better can it get?

You will be surprised just how inexpensive this small smart clock is when it does so much for your daily routine.

Learn more about the Lenovo Smart Clock here.


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