What Are The Best Flower Names for Your Baby Boys and Girls

Best Flower Names for Your Baby

Becoming a parent is the most beautiful thing on this earth. And you know it because the moment you hold your child in your hands, you realize that they have now become the most precious thing to you in this world. 

You would want your children to have the best in the world, including names that will not just add to their charm, but a name which will tell a story of its own. Therefore, we have selected the top most beautiful flower names that will be the best for your baby boy and girl to express themselves.

For Girls


Perfect for babies born in May, Azalea means ‘a flower’ in English. This flower symbolizes softness and femininity. But it also has a vibrant, bold pink color that quickly attracts the eye. A name that you perfectly synch with your bright little girl.


Alyssa is a name of Greek origin, which means ‘rational.’ It is derived from the sweet alyssum flower, and it symbolizes ‘beauty.’ However, there is another meaning of it, which is ‘noble.’ Altogether, Alyssa is a beautiful name that stays true to all its purpose. It’s one of the most common flower names for girls.


This name has its origin in French, where it means ‘flower.’ A very delicate name for your little girl, it also resonates with strong will and power where need be. Originally in French, it is typed as ‘Fleur.’ However, if you want to try something different, you may go for the Welsh way of spelling it as ‘Fflur.’ 


Cassia is another name of Greek origin and means ‘cinnamon’. It is a name that is sweet and spicy, perfect for an adventurous little girl, out to make her own stories. There are various pronunciations to it like, Cassee-a, cash-a, or just Cassia. 


Quite literally meaning ‘purple,’ Violet is a name that much like the flower itself, symbolizes innocence, abundance, and true love. However, if you ask us, the name also exudes a sort of power that will be perfect for your beautiful girl. 


Coming to the edgy and cool names, this name here is of Latin origin and means ‘remembrance’. If you are opting for a name to bring out the fun side of your girl, then this is it!

For Boys

Choosing a meaningful name for your son will be one of the biggest decisions to make. Here are some great names you can choose:


Cedar is a name that can be used for a girl and a boy alike. However, the reason why we love this name is because of the ancient aura the name radiates. The cedar tree is said to be magical, home to many gods, and a mediator that connects you to different realms. Symbolizing ‘strength’, Cedar is the perfect name for a strong baby boy.


Ren is a beautiful name which in the Irish origin means ‘water lily,’ and in the Japanese background stands for ‘lotus.’ A name that sounds of peace, calm, and rebirth is an excellent choice for your boy.

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This name comes from the flower Coreopsis, which symbolizes ‘love’ and ‘cheerfulness.’ Just what you might be looking for for a cheerful baby boy.  


Florent is a Latin name, which means either ‘flourishing’ or ‘flowering.’ A very cool yet classy name to settle for, this name has a sophisticated appeal to it.


Trevor comes from the word ‘shatrevar,’ which in Persian means flower. It has made a long journey from Persia and across the Atlantic. But that is what you are looking for, a name with a story behind it.


Oleander is a playful alternative to Oliver. It sounds sophisticated yet cheeky and charming. Perfect for channeling out the playful and cheery side of your kid.


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