What to Look For in an Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have been around for a very long time. They’re very popular amongst kids and teens because they don’t have driver’s licenses and still need a way to get around. But in recent years, many environmentally conscious adults are now looking for different, cleaner methods to travel from one place to another. This opening in the market has led to the popularity of electric scooters as a mode of transportation for adults. 

The popularity of electric scooters is on par with the popularity of other electric transportation methods, such as electric bikes, skateboards, and motorcycles. The global population is realising that they can no longer depend on fossil fuels and cleaner energies are the correct method to proceed. This fact means adults are also looking into electric scooters from companies like iScoot Australia, and today, we’ll discuss some factors to look at before purchasing an electric scooter.

What Is an Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter, sometimes called an electric kick scooter or an e-scooter, is a stand-up scooter powered by an electric motor. It is a form of micro-mobility as it lets you travel from one place to another. These scooters are different from normal scooters in the sense that they have an electric motor and also that they have a larger deck than manual motors. 

These larger decks are present because the electric scooter can go faster than a regular scooter. Thus, having a large deck enables the rider to have more stability when riding. The popularity of these e-scooters has led to the formation of many e-scooter sharing apps. Many people also conduct deliveries using these scooters as they’re cheaper than many of the alternatives.

Motorised kick scooters are also used for patrolling, law enforcement, and leisure. They are slowly becoming all the more necessary in urbanised areas.

What to Look For in an Electric Scooter?

You can have several reasons for purchasing an electric scooter. Regardless of your reasons, however, there are certain things that you should consider before you buy an electric scooter.


Scooters are one of those things that can look like they belong to a child sometimes. You should pick a design that’s sleek and elegant, so it conveys your age. You want something without too many showy features, like a bright-red throttle. Instead, look into a model that’s compact and elegant.


An e-scooter isn’t something that you would want to log around. Your electric scooter should be portable and light enough to move from one place to another easily. You should also ensure that your scooter can bear the weight of your body because otherwise, you might as well throw your money down the drain. If you’re going to use the scooter for any heavy deliveries, you should consider this aspect before purchasing a scooter.

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Miles Per Charge 

This factor dictates how often you’re going to charge your battery and how long it will last you. If you intend to travel long distances, then you’d want to look for a scooter with better charge efficiency that can support you better. Additionally, also consider how long it takes for the battery to charge.


If you’re buying an electric scooter for leisure, you should also check how fast it can go. Some people want their electric scooter to zip through crowds, while others want to move at a leisurely pace. Figure out what you want, and then buy an electric scooter that has similar speed limits.


You may have a plethora of options when buying an electric scooter, but the quality of your electric scooter will likely increase with the price. You should estimate how much you are willing to spend on the scooter and look at the options in your range. Most high-end scooters for adults cost upwards of $500.

Final Thoughts

We have listed some of the features that you should look at before you buy an electric scooter. However, you may have other priorities which we have not covered. So to ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchase, make sure that you make a list of priorities for your electric scooter and proceed accordingly.

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