5 Questions to ask Yourself When Looking for Your Favorite Coffee

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Meet the Beans – How to Find Your Favorite Coffee

Favorite Coffee

What coffee is best for you? Is there really that much variation in this popular beverage?

Actually, yes; there are quite a few variations in coffee. Here are some tips on how to find your favorite coffee.

1. Why Coffee?

One thing to help you determine what coffee is best for you is to ask yourself why you drinkit…or want to drink coffee. This will help guide you along on your coffee journey. Here are some examples of questions you can ask yourself.

  •  Do you drink  it because you like the taste?
  •  Do you want to drink it because of the caffeine stimulation? You may not even like the taste, but you want or need a caffeine boost.
  • Are you sensitive to dairy products?

Keep questions like these in mind as you search for the type that's right for you. Here are some types of coffee beverages, so you can find one that fits.

2. Blends for the Beginner

If you are new to coffee, you might want to start with a cappuccino or latte. These are made with steamed milk and espresso and tend to be sweet and mild. These kinds of coffee beverages are also good for those who like the caffeine but aren't too fond of the taste of straight coffee.

Also, if you find it too bitter, go for decaf. It tends to be less bitter.

3. Caffeine Jolt

If you're really in it for the caffeine but you'd still like it to be enjoyable, then you might go for espresso or another coffee that's made with finely ground beans. Espresso drinks tend to be listed as low in caffeine because they are served in tiny quantities, but espresso has almost three times as much caffeine per ounce as regular drip coffee.

You also might consider instant coffee. It may not have as complex a taste, but it's preparation is quick and easy. And you can put a shot of espresso into your cup of drip coffee for an extra boost.

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Generally speaking, the longer a coffee is roasted, the less caffeine it has. The inexpensive, mass-produced brands are said to have the most because the beans are not roasted as long before packaging.

4. Dairy and Milk Products in Coffee

If you do not digest dairy products or are allergic to them, you can use almond or coconut milk in your coffee. This can produce a really tasty and unusual coffee-blend, especially if you use chocolate, vanilla, or sweetened varieties of these milks.

5. Calorie Counter

If you're concerned about the calories in a cream- or milk-based-coffee beverage, go with skim milk and sweeten with something like stevia. Or you might find out that you enjoy drinking coffee without sweetening at all.

Hopefully, this list has helped you decide which coffee beverage will work best for you. Not all coffee is the same! What is your favorite coffee?

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Lynne B

I’m no expert. I just know what I like. Coffee has always been more of a dessert for me until I started drinking bulletproof coffee.


I’ve been trying some new coffees instead of just getting the cheapest and I realized I didn’t know what I had been missing. This is good info.

Crystal Walker
Crystal Walker

I love my coffee and I love it strong but not too strong, I have tried several kinds but my top two are Spotlight and Dunkin coffee


I just gotta have my coffee, although lately I’ve cut down, too much caffeine makes me too wired.


Wow! I never would have thought this carefully before when I selected my coffee. I guess that I will have some more information for the next time.

Dotty J Boucher
Dotty J Boucher

I love my coffee, I enjoy drinking it any time of the day but I do look for the more bold taste and I also enjoy trying new flavors.

Kathleen Kelly

I never used to drink coffee until the stress of the job and quitting smoking made me want something more. So I started drinking coffee.

Jerry Marquardt

I love coffee so much, I thank you for this great post. I loved reading the pointers and tips.

Regina Elliott
Regina Elliott

I love my coffee time it’s my time alone to just think about what I need to do that day , I agree with what you said esp that when you start out with coffee try latte first ! That is good advice

Sue E
Sue E

One thing I take seriously is my coffee! You are right & I different flavors.


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