25 Best Travel Gadgets – Every Traveler Must Have In 2021

The most exciting time of the year is always when you are traveling somewhere. The pandemic took that joy away from all the travel bugs. We all miss traveling and experiencing the thrill of exploring new places and cities. Right from planning your trips to the chaos of bookings, packing and moving are truly what makes the whole idea of traveling exciting. If you are a travel lover you know how exhausting it is to plan and execute the plan. But, if you are well equipped with the right gadgets, traveling is fun. 

For all you wanderlusts out there who like to prepare well before you start your odyssey, here’s a list of the 25 best travel gadgets you must have in 2021. We always carry tons of useless stuff while traveling, which we think we might need but never use. With this list, you will have the right gadgets that are useful and something that you will use instead of forgetting it at the bottom of your bag.

25 Cool Travel Accessories for Travelers

Travel smart with these gadgets and enjoy your travel

1. Smartphone Gimbal

A smartphone gimbal is a hinged frame for holding your smartphone in place, keeping it stable and fixed in one place. It is a great tool for all Instagrammers and vloggers who love to capture scenic views while traveling. It helps in clicking that perfect shot of the high mountains or lakes for your Instagram. There are many good quality gimbals available that you can invest in, from affordable to high-end you can choose according to your preference and usage. There are many you can choose from like the Zhiyun Smooth 4, DJI OM 4, or DJI Osmo Pocket are some of the best options available. 

2. Portable Steamer and Iron 

You don’t want to wear a creased dress on your vacation and show up on Instagram like that, do you? Carrying a portable steamer and iron is going to give you crisp clothes and 

Make your pictures look even better. You might think this is an unnecessary accessory to carry around while traveling but you will thank us when you find a broken iron in your hotel room. Portable steamer and irons are easy to carry and work on low power.

3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

We all know how important music is while traveling, be it road trips or weekend getaways you need something to groove on. Portable Bluetooth speakers are great travel companions for all music lovers. Carry along a mini Bluetooth speaker and set the mood right. There is a wide variety of good quality Bluetooth speakers available like the JBL Go or Anker Soundcore Motion Plus. There is a speaker available for every budget. 

4. Portable Charger 

You don’t want your phone dying when you are just about to click pictures for the ‘gram. A portable charger is life-saving in many ways. If you are traveling to a place where there is a shortage of electricity or has no charging ports and you need to use your devices in an emergency, a portable charger will come in handy. The vast variety of portable chargers give you multiple charging outlets and come with different battery capacities. 

5. Universal Travel Adapter 

A universal travel adapter lets you use your chargers with different pins anywhere in the world. If you are a world traveler, you know the struggle to find the right plugs for the different sockets that are available in different countries. Universal adapters are compact and make your travels a little more enjoyable. Many adapters that are available offer all the possible prong shapes. You will never run out of battery or lose touch with the world if you have a universal travel adapter with you while traveling. Check out OREI M8 All In One International Adapter or EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter if you are looking for dependable travel adapters. 

6. Mini Surge Protector Adapter 

This is also an essential gadget for traveling. Many countries use different watts of electric supply and if your device requires low voltage and gets high voltage instead it will get fried. To avoid these disasters we have surge protectors. They protect your appliances or devices from voltage spikes. Furthermore, many surge protector adapters also function as portable chargers like the Belkin mini Surge Protector. 

7. Portable Luggage Scale 

Have you ever paid thousands of dollars for carrying extra luggage while returning from vacation? If yes, then this one’s for you. Nobody likes to pay for extra baggage or carry heavy luggage around. A portable luggage scale will save you from such troublesome situations. Pack light and travel light so you can enjoy your vacation without any backaches. Try out the Tarris portable luggage scale. It is light, compact, and easy to carry.  

8. Packing Cubes

Are you a messy packer like me? Use packing cubes next time you are traveling and you will never pack like old times again. Packing cubes come in various sizes and make it easier to pack our clothes well. It also saves a lot of space for packing other essentials. If you are looking for an organized luggage use packing cubes that are made of durable fabric and compress as well. The Eagle Creek Packing Cubes are worth considering while buying packing cubes. 

9. Smart Suitcases 

One of the best travel gadgets you can have while traveling is smart suitcases. A good suitcase is always on the top of every traveler’s mind. Ditch your old rusty suitcase and switch to smart suitcases that have a foolproof locking system so you never have to worry about important belongings being stolen from your bag. Many smart suitcases also have solar panels that charge the suitcase when kept directly in sunlight. 

10. Waterproof Phone Case

Phones are an inseparable part of our lives and more so while traveling. Having a waterproof phone case is essential while traveling, as bad weather never comes with a warning or gives you time to prepare. 

You may think of it as an insignificant accessory back home but when you are out traveling you will realize it’s worth it. Especially on a beach holiday, your phone might slip out and take a dip into the water so always be prepared for such situations. 

11. Solar Charger

For all those adventurous travelers who are always exploring the wild, a solar charger is the best gadget for you. If you plan to stay outdoors for a long time, best to include renewable resource devices like a solar charger. It will never let you run out of juice on any device. You can enjoy your adventures without having to worry about being isolated unless that is what you are looking for. BigBlue 28W USB solar charger and X-Dragon 20W Sun Power Solar Charger are two of the best travel solar chargers available among many others. 

12. Portable Mobile Hotspot

Save yourself from international data charges with portable mobile hotspots. Forget the crappy public WIFI, these devices allow you to have access to the internet with their capability to broadcast secure WIFI signals irrespective of the country you are in. Stay in touch with the world around you, use it to watch the news or to listen to some music online with a portable mobile hotspot. 

You can choose from many portable hotspots like Inseego 5G MiFi M1000 or HTC 5G Hub. 

13. Water Purifier Bottles

Water tastes different in different places, even though it may be clean but because it tastes different we feel it’s not safe to consume. Some remote destinations also don’t have access to fresh drinking water, that is when a water purifier bottle will come in handy. These bottles look and feel exactly like a normal water bottle but do more than just holding water. It can purify your water within seconds and keep you hydrated. 

This is one of the best travel gadgets that all travelers alike must-have. 

14. Automated Travel Vacuum 

Stop complaining about never having any space in your luggage for enough clothes or other important articles. An automated travel vacuum is take away all your packing troubles and makes your life easy. This interesting innovation is great for travelers who pack a lot of stuff or have a large family. These devices are compact and easy to carry, they are designed to pump out all the air and make more room for extra travel supplies. Travel with a bag full of essentials and more with this device. 

Check out Vago’s automated travel vacuum to make the most of your suitcases. 

15. Flask Light

Who would have ever thought a flask that lets you drink your favorite beverages will also function as a strong flashlight in darkness. Yes, there is a flask that also functions as a flashlight for all travelers who love to explore dark nights. 

This enticing travel gadget is multipurpose and saves space as well. It is a cool gadget that is also highly useful. Some flask lights also come packed with shot cups, bottle openers, and a compass along with a powerful flashlight. This innovative travel gadget has some usefulness for every kind of traveler. 

16. Wireless Headphones 

Are you a traveler who likes to travel solo only accompanied by good music? If you answered yes, this is for you. Music sets the tone for traveling on some days and for those days you need a good pair of wireless headphones. Wireless headphones give you a chance to listen to music or podcasts while traveling and without the hassle of tangling wires. 

Noise cancellation is an essential feature that many wireless headphones offer that is helpful during those chaotic plane travels. Wireless headphones are easy to carry and efficient. 

17. Action Camera 

Action cameras are a high-end travel gadget for any adventure-inclined traveler. The high-quality photos and videos that these action cameras deliver are unmatched. Action cameras are tiny devices that are loaded with intelligent camera systems and have features like water resistance so you can use them underwater with ease without hampering the content quality. OCLU action camera is one of the best cameras for traveling. 

18. Pocket-Size Washing Machine 

Doing laundry is time-consuming and expensive while traveling but you still need fresh clothes to wear. It is especially difficult when you are traveling for many days at a stretch through remote destinations. It is natural to dirty your clothes. 

A pocket-sized washing machine will save you time and money, moreover, give you clean fresh clothes while traveling. A pocket-size washing machine like the Scrubba Wash Bag will allow you to wash clothes with just 2- 4 liters of water in less than 3 minutes. It is one of the best travel gadgets you can carry for anyone who loves taking an off-beat path. 

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19. Travel Camera Drones

Camera drones are great travel companions and intelligent gadgets like drones are perfect for travel bugs who love to save and share their adventures with the world. Many use these camera drones to capture surreal bird’s eye view videos of scenic landscapes. These high-tech flying cameras are silent and sleek. 

They have intuitive camera controls working along with your smartphone. You can effortlessly travel with them as they are compact and easily foldable. The various features that camera drones have are beyond our imagination, it does require some camera and technical skills to use these. DJI’S Mavic Pro 2 is one of the best travel drones that you can use. 

20. Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

If you are a person who is always cold, these hi-tech foot warmers are for you. Traveling to cooler destinations is not always enjoyable. It is all fun and games until you start searching for the nearest fireplace to keep yourself warm. Foot warmers are an innovative product designed to keep you warm even on your snow-filled adventure. 

The hi-tech foot warmers are loaded with thermal technology and are remote-controlled. The thermostat-driven system will keep your feet dry and warm. Furthermore, many also have a fabric liner that is water-resistant and protects your feet from moisture. Do check out the ThermaCELL Heated Insoles if you wish to keep your feet warm. 

21. USB Rechargeable Batteries 

If we could, we would charge everything with a USB. But it is unfortunate that some things still need physical batteries. The good news is that you can charge these batteries with a USB. Couldn’t ask for more. You can reduce the impact on the environment with this modern technology. Use these eco-friendly, long-lasting, and fast-charging batteries. Take these batteries long on your next vacation and use your devices without any trouble. They are easy to carry and are similar to regular batteries. 

22. Off-Grid SMS and GPS Device

The latest innovation in the tech world is this SMS and GPS Device that you just toggle around your backpack and never worry about losing your connection. Even if you are off the grid, you can still stay connected to the outside world. Unless you don’t wish to do that. 

GoTenna Mesh is a great SMS and GPS Device. This travel gadget is for all those backpackers and trekkers who love to travel to unknown and off-beat locations but worry about losing their network. This device lasts for up to 21 hours and you can easily recharge it. It allows you to share your locations and texts while being off the grid. It is a fantastic device that is helpful in emergencies. It works well with any smartphone and creates mesh networks that can span over miles and keep you connected. 

23. Mini Coffee Machine 

Can you start your day without a hot cup of coffee? Yeah, me neither. A good cup of coffee is a rare possibility during traveling but not anymore. Carry a mini coffee machine like the Wacaco Minipresso and never worry about your morning coffee fix. 

This mini coffee machine is compact, light-weight, and manual, so you can fix yourself a hot cup of coffee at any given time. You don’t even have to worry about charging it. This versatile product is an essential travel companion for all coffee lovers. Never go without coffee on your vacations ever again! 

24. Kindle 

If you love reading while traveling, get an Amazon Kindle for yourself. This is one of the best travel gadgets you can invest in. This device lets you read through a library of tons of books. There are different variants available that you can choose from according to your preference. It is an essential travel gadget for all the book worms out there who love reading but don’t like carrying bulky books.

Never get bored again while traveling long hours on that cramped up plane. 

25. Two-in-one Lantern 

Never struggle in darkness again with this two-in-one lantern cum charger. Camping in the night or astrophotography shoots is tedious because you have to put in double the efforts without sufficient light. This revolutionary gadget from LuminAID is one of the best travel gadgets, it is a lantern that doubles up as a phone charger. It offers 50 hours of light, it is waterproof and rechargeable. 

Final Words

These 25 best travel gadgets are a must-have for every traveler in 2021, they will make your travels smart and hassle-free. Travel smart with these innovative gadgets and make your travels a lot more fun and interesting. There are all sorts of gadgets to suit your requirements and make your journey enjoyable. 

You might already own a few travel gadgets, add more to your list and get boring tasks done in a jiffy while traveling. 

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