Don’t Know if I’m Elated or I’m Gassy. But, I’m Somewhere in That Zone. #FrozenBluray Review

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Don’t Know if I’m Elated or I’m Gassy. But, I’m Somewhere in That Zone. # FrozenBluray Review

I cannot contain my excitement! I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I was not sure what to expect when I first heard about it. But I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it caught my attention and held it till the end. On a side note: I also still believe the title of this movie made this our coldest winter in like forever, for-ever, ever. It made me wonder if Elsa had taken over Mother Nature’s job this year.

A little amount the statistics of the movie at the box office:

Frozen Gross Totals since it came out in theatres:

Opening Weekend: $243,390 |
Total Domestic Gross: $396,386,593 |
Worldwide Gross: $1,026,586,593 |
Total Budget*: $210,000,000

Between the music, the animation and story-line, I definitely see why this movie has surpassed “The Lion King” in gross box office sales. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed The Lion King also, many times in fact.

When the movie opens I was drawn quickly to little Anna. The love of a sister is one I can definitely relate to. I am the oldest and have a sister that is just about 5 years younger than myself.  When we were younger we didn’t always get along but we shared a bedroom so maybe that is why.{insert smile}  As we grew up and into adulthood, I could NOT imagine not being able to see each other.

The movie is full of awesome songs, laughter (Olaf just can’t help but be funny and cute!), along with a few  These parts make you want to root for the sisters.  The animation is so detailed and their eyes are just so full of life, which just makes them seem real and very magical.

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With all of the promotion of this movie, you still won’t ‘get it’ until you have watched it. For me, it was a feel-good movie, and I continue to hear ‘Let it Go’ or ‘For the First Time in Forever’ in my mind.  It is no wonder that the songs and the singers were able to make these songs so popular.  Songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez spent two years working on the music and lyrics to “Frozen”.  “Let it Go” gives me goosebumps each time I hear it.



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