GoodOnYaBar Review


GoodOnYaBar Review 

What is this Willis talkin’ about?

The GoodOnYa Bar is a bar gone rogue. Not afraid to use real food with healthy fats. This is not just an energy bar, but an organic nutrition bar that offers you real value for your money. Organic, dehydrated and full of flavor. This is what you should you be eating….. they are not only good for you, but I personally felt they tasted good. I like to eat something that I know is good for me. I did share part of 1 bar with my husband but truthfully,  I wanted it for myself…lol, I think it was a bit ‘raw’ tasting-but that is what I loved about it the most. I am a nut person-(so if you aren’t, these might not be for you) BUT if you are about healthy eating/snacking, then you will want to get your hands on these bars! I was able to sample 3 flavors: The Breakfast Bar, The Peanut butter Chocolate & the Peanut Butter Honey. My very favorite was The Breakfast Bar, my 2nd favorite was the Peanut Butter Chocolate, in 3rd place the Peanut Butter Honey. The breakfast bar satisfied me for the whole morning. I am not one to eat all day, but do find myself hungry at times, this bar did the trick. They are also high in fiber and protein (both great things). I walk a mile on my treadmill normally 5 out of 7 days and these are something that I would incorporate with that regimen.

The most wonderful part of this whole thing is GoodOnYaBar is giving away a whole sample box ($30 value) to one of my readers! After sampling them I felt that was such a great offer! I am going to include information from them so you know just what their company is all about.  You will want to follow this Green Company via Facebook & Twitter (1. they are entries on the Rafflecopter 2. they are a company you will want to keep track of!) Please take time to read about their product, I am sure you too will be impressed!.

Kristen Buchanan is a certified nutritionist, a café owner, an Olympic athlete and studies holistic nutrition continually. Does that mean she is a  know it all?  She states that is  not even close. Kristen feels that  Nutrition is a very new science. In the words of Michael Pollan,” our understanding of nutritional science today is equivalent to where the medical field was in the 1600’s”. Boy that’s kind of scary!

Kristen states” What I believe is that our bodies are a part of nature. When we eat food our bodies literally convert that food into our cells, and our cells make up who we are!  When we put in things that are made in labs by the food giants our bodies simply don’t recognize it. Our body knows better so it takes those chemicals and gets them out of the blood stream to protect us… and it stores them in our fat cells. This is why when people do a detox they often feel really bad before they feel better. That junk is being stirred up and hopefully released.”

Kristen also goes on to state:

Our bodies are designed to eat unprocessed, organic food. Real Food. When we created our bar we went to the co-op and picked out a bunch of nuts and seeds. We had maple syrup at home so we chopped up the nuts in a food processor, mixed it all together, added a little Celtic sea salt and vanilla. We put some dark chocolate in b/c we aren’t totally insane:) and there you have it…. A bar. That’s what we tell people to do when we meet them at events. Make your own.. It’s easy. If you look at the back of some other bars you would need a lab to be able to make them. You don’t even need an oven for ours:)

On the back of all packaged food, we are trained to look at the white nutritional panel. The #s. How much fat? How many calories? For 50 years we have been looking at fat and calories. And look at our country!  We are fat! It’s NOT about the fat and the calories and that part aren’t really up for debate anymore. People can argue, and they do, about this diet vs that diet….. But the low-fat diet has already been debunked in modern nutritional science. it’s dangerous on a cellular level, and it’s dangerous to our brains, joints, hormones and overall health. It’s NOT fat, IT’S THE SUGAR! And it’s basic biochemistry.

STRESS KILLS: What happened for years is that we were told to eat this high carb/ low-fat diet and exercise to get skinny. I did it, so much in fact that I went to the Olympics and competed on the US Team for 12 years. Complex carbs, sports drinks, no fat (even avocados were dangerous we were told). All so we had the energy to compete. And sure our bodies burn glucose and we need that energy but when we over consume sugar then cortisol and adrenaline are released to get the insulin out of our bloodstream. Usually, they take too much insulin and then our brain screams out “hey, I am about to die over here so please eat” so we eat again, and usually we were “starving” so we overeat, then too much insulin is released again and the whole terrible cycle starts all over. That is stressful!

Check this out…. So cortisol and adrenaline are our stress hormones. We know that. Ok, easy enough. So when we have a bad break up, get chased by a bear, yelled at by our boss, have pre-game jitters, these hormones are released in response to this perceived stress. If they are also released when we eat too much sugar you can see that our fast-paced, stressful lives that are fueled by cheap carbs is literally killing us. On top of that, we have too much caffeine and not enough sleep and chemicals in everything from the air to new cars, our bodies don’t know the difference. Stress is stress and when you compound it all it sure adds up to a lot.

So one thing we can do at least 3x a day is to eat better.

Yeah right… so what is “better”……..In this country, we tend to equate being overweight with unhealthy. I burned the calories and didn’t gain weight like someone else eating that type of diet would, but I still wreaked havoc on my body. My joints are trashed, I developed a full-blown autoimmune disorder (guess where 80% of your immune system is)? In your digestive track!!!! And I was also very hypoglycemic. That means I lost the ability to deal with the incredible amount of sugar going through my system.

Sure, I was fit.  But was I healthy? Not even close. I was young and strong but it all came crashing down at age 38.  I also had the added stress of too much exercise, training for the Olympics sounds healthy but if you consider evolution we aren’t really designed to be running around for 10 hours a day. We probably hunted a lion, gathered some veggies and then hung out in our caves for weeks while until we had to get more food. We certainly didn’t train on astroturf for 9 hours a day. And then go to the gym and lift weights. And the track for sprints. Man, I wonder now how I was even capable of doing all that, it seems like a different life.

Check this amazing stat out: the average person today consumes 1/2lb of sugar each day. Now… that # includes teenage boys who on average consume 2 sodas a day. So let’s just cut it in 1/2 to say the average adult eats 1/4lb of sugar a day. And amazingly this # is ONLY white table sugar. This doesn’t even include grains, which by the way are seen by your body almost the same way. Same macronutrient. CARBS.

So that person, eating 1/4lb of sugar a day, from age 3-40 will have passed 1.7 TONS of sugar through their system. That was me! Even if you cut it in 1/2 again that is an insane amount of stress on the body.

How is that possible? Stop reading the #’s and start reading the ingredient list. Sugar is in everything. Crackers, pasta sauce, yogurt, peanut butter, jam…. Everything. They take the fat out, it tastes bad, so they add sugar to make it palatable. Fat-Free Oreos are the perfect example. I remember the day I saw those in the grocery store. They told us Fat was bad so when I saw a cookie that was fat-free (keep in mind I was in my early 20’s) I was excited, to say the least.

I am not telling you all of this to sell more bars, because our bars happen to be high in fat. I am telling you this because:

#1 care:)

#2  after becoming a certified nutritionist it’s what I have learned, makes sense to me and what I want to share.

#3. The biochemistry of our bodies is known.

See Also

#4. The food giants want to sell us crap with high sugar b/c then we will eat more of it and they will make more money; it’s also cheaper for them. Ever thought of why they tell us that babies need whole milk for brain development but then turn them onto skim when they are age 2? No brain development is needed after age 2? Ha, yeah right. It’s that they take that cream and they make $5 pints of ice cream with it!  It’s ALL about the bottom line with the food giants. It’s why there are two different recipes for Kraft Mac and Cheese. One they sell in Europe that is more close to normal food and one they sell here that is genetically modified poison. And the difference in the recipe is pennies!

#5. B/c we are all trying to figure out what to eat. We are all so confused. This diet, that diet. For the first time in human evolution, we have no idea what to do. Isn’t that crazy? How hard should eating be? Problem is we are inundated with advertising and people who are trying to make money. The ONLY way to make money in the food business is to have incredible volume.
Think about it… if we retain a $3.00 bar and we end up making .50 from that is a lot of bars to sell before we make any money. So they make cheap food, spend their money on advertising and off they go!

So when a person at my café tells me to take off the avocado from their sandwich I tell them that avocados are from nature. It’s the GOOD fat, it’s a fruit with a TON of fiber and it’s the richest source of Glutathione you can eat. And when they say our bars have too much fat I ask them if they think almonds are healthy. “Sure”, they say, “everyone knows that”. Well, a cup of almonds has 47g of fat. If someone looked at the white nutritional panel they would never touch an almond again. That is how we were trained. Check those #’s and get on the treadmill!!!! It just doesn’t make any sense. People won’t eat an avocado but they will get Fat Free Baked Lays Potato Chips.

The low-fat diet is dangerous on many levels. Your brain is 2/3 fat! Every cell in your body is wrapped in saturated fat and holds the crucial receptors in place. A low-fat diet literally is killing us at the cellular level. Our brains evolved from eating omega 3’s and 6’s.   Those are FATS!

It’s the carbs that cause us to gain weight. It’s the carbs that cause us lose control of our insulin (diabetes) and it’s the carbs that cause stress in our bodies. I promise you I am not anti-carb, I am a “real foodist”.  Fruit and veggies are carbs. Even some properly prepared grains are ok in moderation. But instead of promoting a dogmatic diet, we try and promote real food. If you are going to eat meat then make sure it’s from a great source. Like the 1/4 of a cow, I bought from a local farmer last year. Like the raw milk that comes directly from a local farmer that feeds his cows ONLY grass (their natural diet). Organic, ancient grains. Organic fruit and veggies, local if possible. Is organic important? Well, we DID evolve on organic food!!!!  But now b/c of what they have done to the food that we needed to create a system to identify food that wasn’t sprayed, radiated, and injected with chemical colorings or preservatives. Is the organic food system perfect? Far from it, but it’s all we got and we can only do our best.


For a basic intro watch Food Ink. Or Food Matters Or to really go down the rabbit hole check out The World According To Monsanto to understand how real my poison comments are.

You know what is really awesome about all this? Is that your readers are struggling, wanting to get or stay healthy. They try desperately to stay away from fat and fat is what will fuel them, fill them up, satisfy them and most importantly….. NOURISH them.  And they LOVE it. Now they don’t have to skip the 100% grass-fed butter. Or the guacamole, or even the fat around that ribeye. They will feel better, eat less, and help normalize their blood sugar. Meaning they won’t get crabby when it’s lunchtime or freak out if they don’t get something to eat ASAP!!!!!  Get off the sugar roller coaster and they will FEEL so much better. So give up the sugar, eat some natural fats, get some ethical protein, feel better and lose weight. Sounds good to me:)

As you can see we are passionate about the info. This is one reason why we don’t want to work with a blogger that isn’t willing to take the time to understand what they are writing about.
To say our bar has “too much fat” is to be quite honest an outdated way of thinking. Remember, I am not talking about french fries or donuts here, these are nuts and seeds from nature.

And we don’t argue with nature:)

I know that is a lot of information, but it just goes to show how involved Kristen is with what she is selling to her customers, and what she has learned along the way.
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