I Ching Pendant in Silver for the Dad in Your Life

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Disclosure:  We received an I Ching Pendant in order to facilitate our review.  All opinions are my own. 

When I was offered to receive the I Ching pendant I was so excited as it is just beautiful.  I Ching is also known as the book of change which is one of the world’s oldest books.  The authors of this book had examined the cyclical nature of the stars, the tides, the seasons and the natural world of plants and animals.  Then at the same time, they explored the human world.   The human world consists of family, politics, economics, war, love, and pride.  They used the 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams (that are in the pendant) to create a system that shows the interactions between the different life fields.

How a human being responds to the processes occurring in the universe is examined as a tool that is the I Ching.  It gives us the ability to see reasons and data that are usually hidden from us.

“What was will be again, what happened will happen again.  There’s nothing new under the sun.” is engraved in Hebrew around the pendant.

I Ching Pendant in Silver for the Dad in Your Life

You will find this sentence is from the book of Ecclesiastes which was written by King Solomon.  He was aware of the cyclical nature of things and wrote this phrase with a Buddhist mindset.  Like King Solomon, the I Ching shows us how small we are in comparison to the processes occurring in our universe.  But at the same time, it gives us the power of knowledge so we can better comprehend our existence and our surroundings.

The I Ching pendant will give the wearer the understanding of our human place in this vast universe as well as the proficiency to better gain greater knowledge and power in our life.

This pendant is really beautiful and to see it in person is breathtaking.  You will want to get one for yourself and your Dad, or your Mom if your Dad is no longer in your life. (I am using their image from their website as I can’t seem to capture it in a picture as nice as theirs.)

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