Make Your Home Fit For A Dog

Make Your Home Fit For A Dog

So, you’ve decided to welcome a new puppy into your home. The thought of a gorgeous ball of fluff becoming part of the family is exciting yet a little daunting. Like a newborn baby, puppies come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, so you need to do your research about what breed would be most suitable for you. You might want to have a canine that is great for kids. Perhaps your main priority is a hypoallergenic breed. Or maybe you need your pooch to be calm and not much of a barker. Dogs really are loyal companions. Think carefully before committing to welcoming a new pooch into your life as they require care, nurturing, love and attention. Read on to find out how you can make your home fit for a dog.

Make Your Home Fit For A Dog

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If you have a stunning white sofa, complete with light cream soft furnishings, you may need to do a spot of renovations before welcoming your new pup. Dogs like getting in the thick of everything. Head out for a walk and they will spot the muddiest puddle to jump in. Leave out some scraps and they’ll eat them up like a hoover. Dirty mouths and paws are par for the course with dog ownership. Consider purchasing a variety of sturdy chew-proof throws to place across your sofas, and get a hardy rug for the living room.  Dogs love to sleep at night unlike cats that are far more active, so providing them with a bed or a rug will surely result in a good mood the following day. If you still do not have one, you can get them on TreehousePuppies, that is where you can have an informed decision before purchasing the correct one. This way, your pooch has his own space.

If you have a rear garden, make it easy for your dog to go in and out. By purchasing a dog kennel flap, you won’t have to keep opening the door when he needs to do his business. Giving him this freedom will also stop him from being so nippy and getting so frustrated.


If you have small human beings in the house, the chances are that they are ridiculously excited at the prospect of a new family pet. However, the high screaming and screeching of toddlers and youngsters can scare young puppies. Set some ground rules and implement them. You shouldn’t allow your offspring to touch the dog when he is in his crate. This is his domain where he can be alone. Toys should be played with gently as tug of war games with puppies can result in jaw misalignments. And never allow your child to feed your puppy human food. Dogs need a particular canine diet and any deviation from this can result in poorly tums.

Make Your Home Fit For A Dog

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Image by Pixabay – CC0 Licence


Dogs are not cheap, especially puppies. Even the most reputable breeder cannot be one hundred percent certain that their pups will live to old age. Some puppies are more prone to illnesses than others and you need to be ready for this. Obtain insurance as soon as possible, as vet bills can be more costly than human hospital bills!

Having a dog in the home will complete your family. They are fun, loyal, caring and feisty. With a hound, your life will be enriched and you will be happier and more content.

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  • My daughters are starting to ask me for a puppy. These are great things to consider. I never knew you could get insurance for a dog. This is good info.

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