Tips for Creating an Impressive Interior Design & Home Décor Instagram Account

Instagram has been gaining a lot of traction, relevance, and importance, as far as, the interior design & home décor business is concerned. Instagram is visually-oriented and is the best destination for a robust community of home décor specialists or interior design professionals and enthusiasts. Instagram can be regarded as a free and powerful marketing tool for connecting your home décor business to a potential audience comprising thousands of home décor professionals or home décor buffs.

As per, when people are thinking in terms of a home renovation, or looking for home design tips to decorate their new home, or just seeking innovative ideas for sprucing their home, there seems to be no dearth of resources right from Pinterest boards to HGTV shows, design & architecture magazines, and social medium platforms such as the Instagram. The image-focused social networking channel helps to make it easier for the homeowners to follow interior design specialists or home décor gurus and interior design companies that are compatible with their taste and even come up with unique ideas in terms of home décor & interior design. If you still do not have an Instagram home décor and interior design account, now is the best time to do so otherwise, you are certain to miss the bus. Take your home décor and design business to the next level with the following expert tips.

Focus on Perfecting Your Profile

The most effective way of making sure that your potential clients could locate you and know precisely what you do seems to be ensuring that your Username on Instagram truly reflects your specific business name. Please make sure that your Instagram account has been set for public viewing. Remember to switch to an Instagram business profile if you are having a personal Instagram account. There are numerous benefits to doing that. If you have an Instagram business account you are free to include an option of clicking through direct contact via an email or phone with you. Moreover, you can opt for paying for promoting posts. In this context, you may buy active followers to boost the number of your Instagram followers. You could additionally, study a broad spectrum of analytics for learning more about your target audience and even understand the best posting times and identify posts that are performing best.

Remember to Share Content That Truly Reflects Your Brand

If you are a home décor account, most Instagram users are there looking for a chance to see beautiful interiors. Hence, posting too many personal things could culminate in unfollow. It is best, as a rule, to focus primarily on posting everything relevant to interior design and home décor. Even when you are sharing non-design posts, make it a point to identifying a way to establish a way of relating content back to the interior design and home décor business.

Focus on generating content relevant to your niche so that your Instagram content would be attracting your ideal audience. We know that content marketing is mostly about knowing everything about your target audience and accordingly creating the right content that would entice your followers to your offer. A crucial Instagram tip for home décor experts is to generate content that is a robust source of inspiration and information. Instagram offers you an amazing chance to keep sharing your knowledge and focus on positioning yourself as an authority in the field of interior designing and home décor. 

Incorporate into Your Instagram Feed Some Effective Content Ideas

You must include effective content ideas for your interior design account’s feed on Instagram. Here are some effective ideas:

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  • Incorporate a Slider Image: Consider taking a horizontal portfolio picture, slice it properly into two pictures for sharing using the amazing multiple image feature.
  • Single Product Shot: You may consider adding visual white space by featuring one product on just a solid background. You may consider setting up a perfect RewardStyle account for earning commissions on different product links.
  • Education: Describe and share tips on how you resolved a particular home décor and interior design issue for a customer.
  • Artwork Showcase: Post a picture featuring a particular piece of artwork that you have utilized and also, provide an explanation of why you utilized it. You may provide relevant information for sourcing it.

Pay Attention to Using the Right Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags helps in boosting your interior design business’s visibility on Instagram. The hashtags that you are using should be active and relevant. All your posts must contain as many as 8 to 20 hashtags that would be assisting your post come up in searches, connecting you with Instagram users posting and sharing similar content, and establishing your unique brand keywords. For appearing on searches, you may consider using generic hashtags like #sofa, #living room, or #home décor # kitchen design, or #furnituredesign, etc. The perfect hashtags would depend on multiple factors like location, design niche, and the number of Instagram 


Interior design and home décor tips from qualified professionals could prove to be helpful in optimizing space in your house and adding a touch of elegance to boost the overall aesthetic ambiance of your home.

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